Chad Belding

Chad Belding is known for his enthusiasm and passion for the hunt.  Born in 1974, Belding’s father was his mentor and inspiration, introducing him to the outdoors at a very young age.  In 1995, Belding began hunting predators, followed by waterfowl hunting in 1997.  Two years later he became involved in competitive duck and goose calling.

After graduating from college in 1999, Belding went on to co-own and operate businesses in Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.  Belding’s drive, energy, and passion for the outdoors are what compelled him to start Banded Productions in 2008.  Since that time, Banded Productions has become part of the Banded Nation, which encompasses several of Belding’s other ventures: Banded Gear, Last Call Ringtones, Banded Hunts, Banded Retrievers, Banded University, Banded Fusion, Banded Calls, and Banded.

Among Belding’s greatest achievements is hosting The Fowl Life, Dead Dog Walkin’, and co-hosting The Syndicate on The Sportsman Channel and WILD TV.  In addition, Belding is currently in the process of creating 3 new television shows that span across the country.  Through television, Belding’s determination, work ethic, and sheer love for the sport has also led to numerous endorsements by big names, including Hevi-Shot, HI VIZ, Dakota Decoy, HonkQuackBang, Hornady, Legacy Sports International, Rockstar, and Jack Daniel’s.

Throughout the past, Belding has worked with some of the best in the hunting and outdoor industry. Belding’s dedication to the hunting industry has led him to help create Banded through key partners.  Although Belding has assisted with the development of Banded, he also plays a dynamic role in marketing Banded through television, social media, and events nationwide.

Balancing professional and personal life is never easy, but Belding has always had support from his family including his wife, Melanie and daughter, Alyssa.  Belding’s two brothers, Clint and Clay, also work and hunt with him.   All of the Belding brothers also receive great support from their mother, Faith.

Chad Scarborough

Chad has been hunting for 28 years. Growing up in south Georgia, hunting whitetails, calling turkeys in the spring and fishing was his main focus. That all changed when a friend invited him on a duck hunt and his life was changed forever. His passion for waterfowl has taken him all over the country to several different flyways, but he spends most of his season chasing ducks off the Georgia coast and in the rice fields of Missouri.  In the recent years, Chad has enjoyed competing in duck calling contests.  Chad and his wife Heather reside in Odum, Georgia and they are the owners of Scarborough Masonry. They are anticipating their first child in the near future, and Chad is eager to share his love for the outdoors with him. 

Shawn Wagner


Shawn Wagner. I am 42 years old, married, have 2 children, and my yellow lab Izzy. I reside in Manitowoc Wisconsin where I was born and raised. I have been employed for the past 8 years for Vinton Construction, where I am a teamster and drive cement trucks to pave new highways and city streets.  With this type of job I am laid off early in fall and can scout and hunt waterfowl everyday.

I can blame my grandfather for my waterfowl hunting addiction. It was back in 1982 when he took me on my first Canadian goose hunt to the Collins Marsh area when I was twelve. After I saw my first big black and white fall from the sky, it has consumed me ever since.

Deer hunters talk about buck fever, but every time out as I am in my layout blind and I see the geese drop their feet in the pocket I get goose fever.  Over the past several years I have tried to take as many young hunters to the field to share this experience. Remember youngsters are the future waterfowlers. I can't wait until next season when my son can shoot his first goose. 

I'm happy to help with your hunting/banded related questions in any way I can. 

Kaleb Bennett


I grew up chasing ducks on the local wildlife management areas at the age of 8. Waterfowl hunting has been my passion, since the very first duck I shot. I believe that not having the luxurey to hunt leases has pushed me to scout the bird and find precisely, where they are feeding. The last few years I have fell in love with hunting specks in the dry fields here in the north Lousisiana Delta. 
I can honestly say I have tried to just about every tool at the modern waterfowlers disposal and thats why I feel previliged to be apart of team BANDED. Ive found it difficult to find apparel and tools that will stand up to the rigors of living the life of a waterfowler, BANDED gear does. 

Parker Watkins


My name is Parker Watkins. I am a 21 years old and attend Arkansas State University. I am originally from a small town in Southeast Missouri known as Wardell. Living in this area I had the opportunity to become experienced in all areas of hunting, but found a passion with waterfowl. I began waterfowl hunting at the age of 12 when my cousin took me on my first duck hunt. Ever since, I have been hunting or scouting for ducks in the “Bootheel” of Missouri or timber hunting in Arkansas. I have recently begun participating in duck calling competitions where I have been able to showcase my duck calling abilities. With my experience with duck calls and hunting waterfowl I am confident I can assist and help any customer’s needs with Banded products. 

Brad Fontaine

Brad Fontaine gained his love of hunting, when at the early age of eight; his dad would take him into the fields of North Dakota. Those early memories of time spent with his father and experiencing the thrill of hunting the birds has fueled his passion for the sport ever since.  He still gets that eight-year old boy gleam in his eyes when preparing for a hunt.

Brad also strongly believes in supporting the causes dedicated to preserving wildlife and the sportsman’s future.  Giving time and money to both local and national groups such as NRA, Delta Waterfowl, NWTF, DU and others.  He also recognizes that one way to promote and preserve the sport of hunting is to excite and involve the youth.  Having no children of his own, he enjoys taking young boys or girls along, teaching the many aspects of safe, ethical and successful hunting.  He is currently working with fellow members of his local church to develop an adult and youth oriented hunting club called New Life Outdoors (NLO). Seizing an opportunity to assist in growing the sport along with helping to develop spiritual character.

Brad has also been featured on North American Hunter Television, which was shown on ESPN II and The Outdoor Channel. He has also been featured in ATV Magazine and Outdoor News Journal articles for waterfowl hunting. He has owned and operated a waterfowl guide service in Fergus Falls, MN as well.

To say he is passionate about hunting would be an understatement, but he does try to maintain a balance between hunting, work, family and church involvement.  He currently resides in Watertown, SD with his wife Cindy, Jax (Black Lab) and Winston. (The non-hunting dog.)

Brett Downs

Brett calls Webster City, IA home. He also calls Mallard Ducks, lots of them and has been doing so since his father, Jimmy, took him for the first time.  Brett’s interest for hunting waterfowl lead him down an itch satisfying path, Competition Calling. Brett is a familiar face at contests across the country. When he is not in the bullpen, he is sharing his love for calling with America’s youth.

In the fall, like many of us, Brett travels many miles in search of a “tornado.” He has traveled across much of the country and enjoys hunting new areas. Brett also has a talent for wildlife photography. You will see many of his shots used on the Banded website blog.  Contact him with any questions you may have.  He truly enjoys sharing his hunting knowledge with others.

David Nelson

I been an avid waterfowl and turkey hunter ever since I was introduced to the outdoors, I love being able to communicate and watch the birds react to calling and decoy spreads.

My very first goose hunt was in North Dakota when I was 11, and on that hunt i didn't shoot a single goose but from that morning on i was hooked. Since then I have developed as a waterfowl hunter and in 2010, I was fortunate enough to become the Wisconsin State Intermediate Goose Calling Champion.

Guiding hunts locally has been something I have been able to do the last few years and l enjoy being able to introduce new people to the sport or being able to give someone a hunt that they will never forget.

I enjoy helping with youth mentor hunts to help pass the sport down to the next generation, I am very dedicated and passionate about the sport and am always trying to get new hunters involved, weather it be hunting or contest calling.

I am more than willing to help with or answer any questions you may have about Banded products, calling contests or just hunting in general.

Jay VonBank

Jay VonBank resides in Bemidji, Minnesota.  An aquatic biology major at Bemidji State University, he enjoys all the terrific hunting and fishing that Northern Minnesota has to offer!  Jay has been hunting waterfowl since the age of 12.

Hunting mallards or Canada geese over water is one of his favorite ways to hunt, but field hunting is a close second.  Jay has participated in calling competitions since 2005, and has over 20 wins and over 35 Top-5 finishes.  Jay really enjoys introducing new people to the outdoors, contest calling and meeting new hunters from across the globe.  His message, “Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about Banded, contests, or would just like to talk about hunting!”

Jordan Sargent

My name is Jordan Sargent.  I’m 29 years old and was born, raised, and once again live in Hazen, ND.  I am married my wife’s name is Jasmine and we just had our first child a boy named Kannon John. I work at a coal-fired power plant as an operator. 

Growing up playing hockey and going hunting were my favorite things to do.  I have been hunting since I was 12 years old, chasing roosters and whitetails.  The first time I went goose hunting and felt that adrenaline rush as the birds locked up and glided in with feet down I was hooked and haven’t stopped since.  That feeling is what fuels my extreme passion for waterfowl hunting. 

My strength is Field hunting ducks and geese and being a ND waterfowler affords me many days in the field.  From hunting early season Canada geese in the hot muggy mornings of mid august to the northern mallards and greater Canadians in -20 below zero whiteouts in January it has taught me how to adapt to the extreme weather changes and know what gear works and what doesn’t; that is what has brought me to Team Banded.   

Through my years of hunting I learned a lot of things through hard work and lots of trial and error that scouting, concealment, and calling are the most important things to being a successful waterfowler.  Banded has the gear to take your calling, clothing comfort in the field, and concealment to the next level.  If you have any questions on field hunting waterfowl or anything Banded related feel free to contact me anytime.

Marcus Riddell

I grew up on the shores of the Susquehanna River in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania hunting waterfowl and carving decoys. A location that taught me to hunt hard and to take the good days with the bad days (usually more bad days than good it seemed.)  

During the off season, I spend my extra time scouting and observing waterfowl to be a better hunter and educator to current and future waterfowlers.  

I served in the US Navy shortly after graduation and am now married to my best friend and hunting partner Megon. We just had our first child, William. I intend to pass on the tradition of this great sport to him.

During my free time I am a volunteer firefighter at the Perseverance Fire Dept. in Jonestown, PA.  I am also a member of Delta Waterfowl, and Ducks Unlimited.

Other than waterfowl hunting, I also enjoy hunting small game, white-tail deer and turkey. I’m passionate about spending time outdoors with family and friends and would enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with you, from gear to calling tips.

Sam Schneider

Sam was born in 1991, and raised in the middle of duck country, in the infamous boot heel of Missouri. He was introduced to duck hunting by his father around the age of ten in Southern Illinois. Before he was old enough to shoot, Sam would tag along with his father who was currently guiding at a club in Illinois, and has been head over heels ever since.

The outdoors is Sam’s biggest passion still to this day, which revolves around not only his hobbies, but occupation as well. Sam farms with his father on a row crop farm in the southern tip of Illinois. He is also a student at Southeast Missouri State University, majoring in Agriculture Business.

Several years ago, he developed an interest in outdoor video production, which led him to start a freelance videography company called Good Ol’ Boys Productions. Not only does Sam enjoy reviewing and editing footage in the offseason to scratch the yearlong itch, but he also enjoys contest calling, which he still continues to do to this day.

The outdoors, and specifically waterfowl hunting will always hold a huge place in Sam’s life, which gives him such a drive and dedication to better himself in anything that he does. Sam Possesses a great understanding for both hunting and capturing the hunt. He enjoys sharing his experiences with other like-minded waterfowl nuts.  Contact him for any questions you may have!

Teddy Sherwood

Teddy Sherwood is from Enumclaw, Washington. He is 21 years old and currently going to school to get a degree in welding. He has been in the outdoors his whole life and has found his calling with waterfowl. He spends his free time scouting and hunting and a lot of that time researching new calling styles and sequences, so that he will have everything he needs when in the field. Watching how birds naturally feed and interact with each other is a key tactic that Teddy uses as often as possible. Teddy excels in duck calling and has mastered many of the sounds that ducks and geese make in the field and on the water and would love to share that knowledge with you. Please feel free to email Teddy with any questions you have about any of Banded’s products and he will be glad to assist you.

Blakely Byrd

I'm Blakely, an avid sportswoman from the midlands of South Carolina.  The love of hunting runs in my blood and has been passed down to me from many generations of hunters. My passion for chasing birds began at a young age with clay pigeons at my father’s skeet club. I started hunting upland birds with my dad, uncle, and grandfather at the age of twelve. I later began cultivating my true passion of harvesting ducks in the swamps of South Carolina. At home, I focus mainly on hunting divers because there is little competition; however, I'm blessed to be able to travel west each year to chase the bigger puddle ducks. To me, nothing is better than watching a group of 60-80 pintails circling the decoys, a hard feat in South Carolina. Through experiences I have matured into a devout waterfowl hunter and my love for the sport has become part of my every day life

While a student at the University of South Carolina, my enthusiasm for conservation catapulted me to the presidency of the USC chapter of Ducks Unlimited. I led the USC chapter from last to first place in less than one year’s time and finished as both the Top College Chapter of South Carolina and the eighth highest netting college chapter in the nation. I was also honored to receive a Front of the Flock Award in 2012 from South Carolina Ducks Unlimited. I have been recognized for these accomplishments and more in the Ducks Unlimited magazine and have been interviewed for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine's "I'm a Deer Hunter" column. I also look forward to being a part of the 2013 Sportsman Channel's Women Hunter calendar as a female bow hunter.

I am proud to identify as an outdoorswoman of integrity by respecting the game as much as the hunt. I hope to encourage other women to participate in the sport that I love so much. I will continue to pursue duck hunting across North America while remaining a positive female role model in the hunting industry. As an active member of Ducks Unlimited, an avid waterfowl hunter, and conservationist, I couldn't be happier to now be a part of Team Banded.

Kyle Marshall

My name is Kyle Marshall. I was born in southeast Missouri but moved to southern Illinois at a young age where I lived for about 8 years.  I currently live back in southeast Missouri where I attend school and participate in an internship/apprenticeship with Noranda Aluminum as a maintenance electrician. I was introduced to the outdoors when I was old enough to walk, by my dad.  He taught me all the “right” things to take from the outdoors such as responsibility, leadership, how to listen/learn etc…  It wasn’t always about the harvest or catch, but about the knowledge took from the experience and time spent with friends and family.  After he passed away in 2005 I kept these lessons learned close to me and still practice them to this day.  I found that if you approach the outdoors with this attitude then every trip is a successful one, regardless of the harvest.  I have been fortunate enough to introduce new people to the outdoors who weren’t interested in it before but now it has become a major part of their life as it is mine and I feel privileged to play a small part in them getting to experience the outdoors and what it has to offer.  If it is respected hunting/fishing will be available for many generations to come and it is important for us as avid outdoorsman to make this possible.  I will work to the end to satisfy customers and make sure that all their questions are answered to the fullest and they can leave happy and forever “Banded”.

Dan Studer

I grew up hunting waterfowl. My first time in the goose blind was when I was 6, I have been hooked since. Whether it is hunting waterfowl or big game, I enjoy all aspects of the outdoors; hunting, fishing, camping and conservation. I am an Agronomist for an independent seed company out of the Midwest. I am also the President and Banquet Chair for our local Pheasants Forever Chapter which is one of the top 10 chapters in the nation for fund raising, with one of the first and largest youth hunts in the nation, harvesting all wild birds. I enjoy educating young hunters on hunting safety and ethics. I am also involved in a shooting program for 6-15 year old shooters, to get them active in the shooting sports. My passion lies with field hunting Canadian Geese, perfecting my decoy setup, calling and flock deception. It’s important to have the right gear for feet down, wings back, honker hunting! That’s why I choose Banded products.

Brad Cary

Born and raised in a small, Northwestern Tennessee town, I gained an early passion and respect for everything outdoors.  Tagging along with my father from the age of six, I hunted almost everything, such as, large and small game of all types, upland birds, and waterfowl.  My enjoyment and excitement for ducks eventually overwhelmed the other activities and I now pursue waterfowl almost exclusively.  I have chased ducks and geese all over the Southeast.  From green timber, to cypress sloughs, to rice fields, and everything in between; I have gained experience hunting in a multitude of areas, under a multitude of conditions and Banded products allow me to continue to do this, day in and day out.

Brad Hanson

I began duck and goose hunting in the Thief Lake Refuge area of Northern MN when I barley old enough to carry my Daisy BB gun. Back then (in the dark ages) there wasn't a large population of Canada geese anywhere but one of the best areas to hunt the prized goose was either Thief Lake refuge or Agassiz Refuge near the small town of Middle River MN. I was fortunate to have several close family members that owned some of the prized private spots and was able to enjoy some the best goose shoots available.

Back in those days we didn't have the equipment, techniques or knowledge we have today! We had folding decoys that were made of waxed printed-paper and that was state of the art for portable decoys! We would put out our 3-4 dozen decoys and hoped we could sucker in those lonely birds looking for buddies! Otherwise it was hope for a cloudy stormy day that would force the birds to fly close enough to pass shoot. Even though it was primitive hunting, it hooked me from the first day!

I have been fortunate to be able to follow the growth of modern waterfowl hunting from the first introduction of flute calls and good quality full bodies to learning the power of flagging techniques. I have was able to work with some the best in business and learn from them, as well as find out what works and what doesn't by hard work and trial and error! I have been guiding with Brad Fontaine, running our own service named Great Northern Waterfowl Adventures as well as working with Dave Reese at R&B Waterfowl in the Fergus Falls MN area for over 18 years. With the great hunting experiences I have been able to be a part of, I have seen some of the best hunts around and learning techniques only a handful of hunters know. I have always prided myself with giving my clients the best hunting experiences available! That means more than shooting a limit of birds...it means having the best fields or water, best equipment, best calling and flagging techniques as well making sure the whole experience will be the best hunt they could have!

I have been working with manufactures as a pro staff member for about 10 years and I have been able to show many hunters from beginning to expert what works and how have a better and safer hunt. I really enjoy working with hunters, giving them insight on what they can do to improve their hunting experiences. Then seeing them at another show or local cafe and find out that the tip and techniques I gave them worked!!

I look forward to working with Banded Gear and showing how our products with improve your hunt!!!!

Quinton Pohl

My name is Quinton Pohl, and I am from the heart of the Central flyway in Kearney, Nebraska.  My vast knowledge of hunting and the outdoors stems from my early childhood and has become my true passion as an adult.  As a young hunter, my father and I enjoyed countless deer, turkey, duck, and goose hunts together which solidified a common love for hunting between us.  This true passion for hunting continues as I enjoy spending time bow hunting with my wife, waterfowl hunting with my faithful yellow lab, and look forward to sharing the outdoors with my young daughter.  Along with spending time in the great outdoors, I am a coach for Banded University; I serve as an active committee member on our local Ducks Unlimited, and enjoy practicing my calling routine for contests.  Through college, I enjoyed being employed at Cabela’s for four years all the while staying current on all the new innovations of calls and decoys. Perhaps the best part of my Cabela’s experience was sharing this information with other passionate outdoorsmen. To further my knowledge of the outdoors, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Park and Recreation Management.




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